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Nervous about bringing home a new puppy or feel like to need a little more help to get your puppy well started with all aspects of training for the family?

We can help!  Our new puppy training program is an additional 30 day program for your puppy where he will remain in our care.  We will be working on the following:

Potti training
Leash training

Everything you need for a well rounded & socialized puppy.  Your puppy will also be going out to new places and having lots of new experiences allowing him to gain lifelong confidence for a perfect family pet.  We offer this package for customers purchasing our puppies for an additional $1,000. A HUGE SAVINGS TO OUR CUSTOMERS!

Already have a dog or puppy and need some help?  Contact us, our intensive program starts at $2500 for 30 days.  We will customize a program for your dog and family needs.